5. Future Topics & Projects

By admin.ciie, 2015年07月11日


  1. Asia-Pacific Politics and Diplomacy, Law and History

– Global Governance in 2040s, A4YR and 21st century leadership challenges


  1. Economy, Society, Industry and Technology

– Key Reforms within major Asia-Pacific economic growth centres


  1. Government Policy, System and Regulations

(Economy / Finance / Trade, Energy / Environment / Recourses, Security, Medical / Educational / Welfare Activities)

– Healthcare and Social Well beings

– Resilience for Disasters and Crises

– Trusted Energy Partnerships – politically stable?


  1. High Technology, Medicine, Arts and Sciences

– Technologies, changing society and economy

– Hidden High-tech in provincial locations across Asia-Pacific


  1. Civil Society, Social Network and Culture

– Cyber Societies in Asia-Pacific


  1. Global Projects’ News

– A4YR Global Governance Project


  1. Future Topics & Projects

– Current Role of Humanities – East-West Dialogue (Politics, Economy, Science and…)

– Green Renaissance from Asia-Pacific provinces (Direct tie in citizens, products and…)

– The 4th Industrial Revolution from Europe, America, Africa or Asia?

– Being International Financial Centre


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