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The Anglo-Asian Alliance, AAA, historically started in 1902 when the Anglo-Japanese Alliance Treaty, AJAT, was concluded between the United Kingdom and Japan….The AJAT was canceled in 1922 but a new AJAT should be the Anglo-Asian Alliance, AAA, which could be concluded as a new civil alliance available around 2022 thorough inter-civilizational youth exchange, such as YMCA/YWCA in Asia, YiT/JYiT, A4YR and UCL-Japan Grand Challenge Seminar and Event.
A4YR, Ask for Youngers’ Reason was established in London, with Asian and international working youngers and students, who tried to respond to a Chatham House old regular member’s question, what would be an Asian new global governance in 2040s as a GDP majority and a new leader. YiT/JYiT, Japan Youth international Trust will be established first in Japan this autumn and in other countries next year, whose mission is, “Walk Japan, embrace and interconnect friendship with the world”, and whose purpose is to give youngers more voice to society/world and more chance to have their unique mind and body more resilient/attractive with TY (Thank You/Trust Youth) point system.  
Re-considering historically on “Pax Britannica” and “Pax Americana” after the Industrial Revolution, followed by “Pax Romana” after Agricultural Revolution, private non-States’ activity has been the key to be able to identify Pax under Anglo Saxon, which has spread capitalism and market economy to all over the world and has modernized, globalized, benefited and governed the world. Emerging Asia has led Asia-Pacific and other region toward economic growth, globalization and mega-competition. Asia as a GDP majority and a new leader should have a new civil alliance with the existing PAX, the Anglo-Asian Alliance, AAA, in 2020s based on historical lessons in Asia-Pacific.  
We, The Japan Youth international Trust, JYiT Organising Committee with The Ask for Youngers’ Reason, A4YR following YMCA/YWCA and UCL-Japan Grand Challenge Seminar could realize an inter-civilizational youth alliance from Anglo-Asian tied exchange to all over the world.  

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